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Information for September-December 2017 Suit Quotes

On June 10th we plan on opening up for quotes for new suits! For this opening we will be taking on a total of 5 suits, and restricting the plush suit to only one slot. The four remaining slots are open for plantigrade, digitigrade, and custom shaped body suits, no heads or other parts will be available.  All of these suits will have guaranteed delivery on or before MFF 2017 (First week of December 2017). Details on specific suits and how to get considered for slots are below!



The plush slot will be selected through an auction to be posted on the date of the suit opening. To be considered for the slot you must submit a reference and get it approved by us to make sure it can be done. This information can be submitted through a soon to be published form and we will get back to you as soon as we can with a yes or no, or any other questions we may have.






Other suits in consideration are unique shaped suits, plantigrade suits, and digitigrade suits. If you are interested in one of these, please read through the page HERE and submit your information on the quote form which is linked.



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