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Artistic Freedom Costumes

While most clients ask us to create their own personal design, there are times when people want a costume but aren't fully sure of what exactly they want, or simply want to leave the concept in our hands completely. These are artistic freedom costumes.

We have done many artistic freedom costumes and absolutely love getting a chance to use exciting rare furs and materials, play with unique shapes and emotions, and make rare species that really stand out from a crowd. In creating costumes like this, we usually get a few words as a concept (for example, digitigrade nerdy mule) and get to know the customer a little to understand things they may like to create a concept. There are three options that customers choose between for the remainder of the process:

1) You see our concept/reference, and we share pictures  throughout the process.
2) You see our concept/reference, and we don't share anything with you until you see it on one of our models.
3) You see nothing from the time that you give us some key words until the finished result is delivered to you.

While the idea of artistic freedom may seem frightening, many people love the fact that they're allowing us to make something completely new and different, which lets us flex our skills and knowledge to create costumes that are much more unique. The base prices for these costumes depend on the body style you designate (plantigrade, digitigrade, and custom shaped which can be seen here) and are not necessarily less expensive as they include a design fee, but they include more unique and exciting materials and styles that aren't as often seen in the community.

Below are some examples of our artistic freedom costumes.

58 Borax
66 Angry Roo
61 Panda
Dusk Gallery
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