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What Makes the Fuzz Factory Unique

Coming from a background in professional theatre, I work differently from most mascot/costume makers. My goal is to use my training in design, fabrication, and performance to create a truly unique costume that stands out from the crowd. I am constantly pushing my own abilities and experimenting with my work to create a better product. The main difference I offer is a unique process to figure out what you as the client really want.



My Process


Initial concept: First, you give me the basics of what you want. You can do this by filling out a quote form in the How To Order page. I like to work with people that have a fully fleshed out reference sheet, like the one to the right, but if you are looking for something more complicated and would like to discuss your idea, feel free to use the contact form on this website. Please note it needs to have at least two views (Front and side) and more if there is more complicated parts. If you don't have one already created, I do offer the ability to create one for an additional fee.


Planning and Interview: Before work on a costume is started I will ask to have a brief interview in person or over Skype. This is a time for me to truly understand what it is you are interested and helps me narrow down every detail of what you're looking for. This usually takes an hour, and I will often draw a sketch or two of complicated parts like the head or hands to make sure we both understand what is desired.




Construction: Construction times and techniques vary between every suit, but I love to stream my work and keep the client informed all along the process. If I have questions, I will ask, and I encourage the client to ask as well.




Completion: Once a suit is completed and documented it is delivered. This is either done by mail or in person (whether locally or at a convention). My preference is that the suit is delivered in person, as one of the most rewarding experiences for me as the maker is to see the client bring life to their own character. It is what has made me fall in love with being a costume maker in the first place.




The picture to the right is myself with Tuft at Anthrocon 2014

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